We’d like to thank the following people for making the release of  Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Season possible. Without their help, we would have never been able to pull this off. If you’re going to thank us, thank all of the people below first.

First and foremost, the biggest thanks goes out to all the staff a Konami for making such a wonderful game and recognizing the fact that girls do play games. The best way for everyone to show their thanks would be to support Konami and buy the game if you enjoyed it.

You can buy a copy of Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season here:

These people go on the top of the list because if it weren’t for them, this would have never been translated:

♥ The fans of the game!

♥ The supporters!

If it weren’t for these two people, this translation would have crashed and burned. So they deserve a very big amount of thanks.

♥ Costello

♥ [M]artin

Next, we’d like to thank the following people who tested the game for us. In no particular order, they are:

♥ jjjewel
♥ Zydaline
♥ A very sexy woman who wishes to be anonymous, thanks for your help!
♥ SakuraHime
♥ Carmentis
♥ Clarysage
♥ Galatea
♥ Hatsukoi
♥ Hikari_527
♥ Hikki-chan
♥ Insonnia97
♥ Jinx
♥ Judasai
♥ kelena93
♥ LA-Sugarkane
♥ miruki
♥ Mizuki-Chan
♥ Nette27
♥ nopantsu
♥ Pai-chan
♥ PhallicSquid
♥ Pyonkotchi
♥ renai
♥ rmblstwn
♥ Techne
♥ Tanpopo
♥ Thalia
♥ rizoey
♥ ushichan
♥ ioukta
♥ lillsweetty
♥ Amande
♥ Suji
♥ Mai
♥ meiin
♥ finalequinox
♥ Akita
♥ Walina
♥ Rafina
♥ kelena83
♥ 13wildroses
♥ Marynated
♥ Áine
♥ Jenna
♥ Aschaschi
♥ Bethany
♥ neonblue
♥ Mme.Aloria
♥ Yu-I

Graphic Editors:

♥ Zydaline

♥ Amande

♥ Jei

♥ Marynated

♥ Aschaschi

♥ Pyonkotchi

♥ Michael Jackson

♥ The aliens

♥ I dunno

♥ I dunno

The ones who helped us get this off the ground
♥ Final Equinox – Thank you for being so amazing and helping with the translating!

♥ Blebleman- Is there a more worthy guy to thank? Hahaha, thank you for your help every time I got stuck, your Japanese is amazing and when I needed to shorten lines 🙂

♥ ProtoKun7 – Thank you for helping me shorten the lines for the choices! Big help and keeps the game from acting up ^_^

♥ Veho- You wanted a challenge and you got it, right? 😉
Thank you for helping me shorten the lines so the game doesn’t crash!

♥ The Pi – Thank you too for helping me shorten the lines! Without you four, I’d be stuck and the game would be crashing X_X

♥ Zarcon – Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for all of your help!

♥ FAST6191 – Thank you also for being very patient with me and answering the majority of my questions, I’m very grateful ^_^

♥ Noitora – Okay, so I decided to add you into the credits even though neither of us could decide who’s choice it was XD
Thank you for helping me and making the necessary tools for me for both GS2 and GS3, I’m in your debt, you silly ra– oops! XD

♥ DarthNemesis- Thank you for NFTR Editor, it makes things so much easier and I also want to thank you for looking into the GS3 script issue for me.

♥ jjjewel – You have most definitely put up with me XD
Thank you for everything, you’re pretty good at rom hacking!

♥ BlueFlame90 – Thank you for also trying to help, it’s good to know there are so many helpful people here 🙂
Without you, we wouldn’t be able to fit more characters.

♥ Vulpes Abnocto- Thank you for being my bodyguard against trolls and impatient people ^_^

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  1. hello there! you guys are really great for helping others to enjoy the game. 🙂 it takes time to study katakana, hiragana all together so we’re really bless to have you. pls continue doing translations. Thank you very much ^^~

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