Common Patch Problems

These are some problems that people experience a lot, and the solutions we found for them. Keep in mind that these are solutions that have fixed other people’s issues, but doesn’t necessarily fix yours. Still, it’s a good bet that it will! (At least most of the people we feed them to don’t come back, so we assume it’s fixed and they didn’t just forget us or anything sad like that). This is a work in progress page that we’ll add to as problems show up.

If you have a problem with the patch, please tell us what error message it gives you, or what exactly happens. “There was an error.” is to vague for us to help you.



Some things to note that are common to EVERY error :

  • Check if your ROM is exactly 256mb. If it isn’t, it’s trimmed and you’ll have to redownload it from another site.
  • Try putting everything in the same folder : ROM, patch, and all the xdeltaGUI’s components
  • Make sure you’re using the xdelta that we provide first, and not one you got from somewhere else/used for another game.



Error : xdelta3: not a VCDIFF input: XD3_invalid_input

If it is, try using these patchers :
xdeltaui :
(Mac) Multipatch :

Error : The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) click OK to terminate

Install Microsoft’s .NET Framework, from here :

Error :The patched game size is 0 kb

Check if your ROM size is exactly 256mb. Redownload if it isn’t.

Error : Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.

Download and install MDAC :

Error : xdelta.exe:C:\users\sylvia\desktop\papers\games\2nd love\xdelta.exe:bad magic number:not a valid delta

Try using this patcher :

Error :  black bcreen when loading patched game

If there’d been no error while patching, and your card is an R4 clone, you can try using YSmenu to boot up the game instead. You can check out YSmenu here : with a detailed instruction for installation.



Last but not least, check these instructions again to make sure you haven’t missed out a step :

First, Google “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season rom”. Google should give you plenty of links to choose from. Once you’ve downloaded one, extract it with winrar. That’s a program too, so if Windows tells you it doesn’t know what to do with the .rar file, get Winrar. (Google this too, since it’s free)

Make sure the .nds file that you’ve extracted from the rar is 256mb.

Next, open the xdeltaUI mod that we’ve given you in the patch. There will be three sections, all with the OPEN/… button beside. Basically you click on them and select these.

Patch : Choose the .xdelta file that you’ve downloaded from us
Source file : Choose the ROM you’ve downloaded
Output file : Choose somewhere you want your patched rom to be. For example, choose your desktop, and type in a name you want. E.g : TMGS2.nds

Hit apply. In a few minutes, you’ll find your TMGS2.nds on your desktop and ready to play! Please come back if you have any problem and we’ll try our best to help!

If you’ve tried everything, and have checked everything in the list, then you can report your problem with these information:

  • The error you get – An error message if there’s one (Windows cannot find the file specified, etc.)
  • The system you have (Mac/Windows)
  • What you’ve tried.
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  • Comments (38)
  1. I have a mac, I downloaded the patch from this site and a rom, but xdelta gui did not make a patched file. I know there must be nothing wrong with xdelta because I patched a different game before. I thought the problem was the rom, but it works on the emulator and I downloaded the same rom from at least 3 different sites, but it still won’t create a patched file. Please help T.T

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • May 10th, 2015

      What kind of error are you getting exactly?

  2. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s
    new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I
    found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

    • luffy
    • February 18th, 2014

    Hello, where can i download the room that is sized 256mb? i have search everywhere but i cant find any. is there anything i can do to make the size become 256mb?

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • February 25th, 2014

      Sorry but we are not supplying any URLs for roms. You have to look for it through google.

    • Nino
    • January 2nd, 2014

    Hi, I really appreciate your help with downloading this game. I have an issue with patching. I’ve downloaded the ROM, exactly 256 MB. The problem is when I tried to open the xdeltaUI mod, a message pop up, “Windows forms application1 has stopped working”. I’ve tried re-downloading the patch, but I keep having the same problem. Hope someone will be able to help. Thanks!

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • January 5th, 2014

      Try restarting your computer or starting the program as an admin. To do that, right click on the program and select “Run as Administrator”.

    • charamel
    • November 22nd, 2013

    why i can’t patch the game, the game always say xdelta.exe:C:\users\sylvia\desktop\papers\games\2nd love\xdelta.exe:bad magic number:not a valid delta i already change the xdelta but that nothing please help me..

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • November 24th, 2013

      do you mean you can’t start the patching on xdelta or the finished patched game won’t work? Or does your xdelta application not start up?

        • sinistershadow
        • April 26th, 2014

        I get this message too. I comes up after I input everything in xdelta so I cannot start the patching

    • Taeminiie
    • August 30th, 2013

    Hey! First thanks !!!! …
    I have a problem :C
    The patch works, but the game that is supposed to be .nds… is just a file
    .Nothing :’C .
    I hope you can help me with this. 😀
    Bye Bye~

    • Knight
    • July 15th, 2013

    Does the type of Emulator your using affect the patch? I’m using DeSmuME_0.9.9_x86. I keep getting a message after I click ‘apply’ on the xDeltaUImod saying: Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season (J)(6rz).7z) of length of 268435456. Is this the size of the ROM or am I doing something wrong? :O T^T

    • Juri D
    • May 30th, 2013

    I am having trouble patching. What does it mean when “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch xd3″ comes up? Sorry, I’m not so tech saavy… =.=”

    • Roxanne
    • May 28th, 2013

    I’m not sure if it’s because my laptop is kinda old or not but I keep getting this error when attempting to open the xdeltaUI mod.exe ; It says .NET Framework Initialization Error: Unable to find a runtime to run this application” And when I try to open xdelta.exe, a small black screen pops for half a second then disappears. Help? :c
    I use Windows XP.

    • Loki
    • April 8th, 2013

    I don’t know if you still read these posts or help those who have patching problems, but I’ll still post it because it’s really getting on my nerves. I’m so frustrated from searching for a ROM that can be patched that I just want to cry.

    I have a Mac OS X 10.5
    I downloaded MultiPatch and tried to patch the game many times with your patch and with several different ROMs. Everytime I tried, it keeps showing the message “Patching failed Invalid input. This typically means that the file you selected to patch is not the file your patch is intended for”. One of my ROMs is even the one with exactly 256mb and it still doesn’t work T.T
    I also put everything in the same file and tried in different files. Same results. Before you send me to the gbattempt forums to download a patcher for mac, those links don’t work anymore.
    Can you please post a link to where you got the ROM from which you created this patch? Or maybe a link to clean ROM would also be good. Also, please don’t answer with “go look on google” because that’s what I’ve been doing ALL DAY with no success.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • April 17th, 2013

      I wasn’t going to give you any of those answers D:
      I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with the patching process. I can’t give you a rom here, but if you email us(Email’s on the Contact page), I can help you further.

        • Loki
        • June 21st, 2013

        I don’t need help anymore. A friend of mine sent me the patched game.

      • A
      • June 16th, 2013

      I have this same problem! Did you manage to fix it?

        • Loki
        • June 21st, 2013

        No. I didn’t fix the problem. A friend of mine sent me the patched game. I hope this doesn’t happen again for TMGS3 patch.

    • kotsiropampoulos apoelistas
    • March 26th, 2013

    Thanks guys 🙂
    I needed to put everything in the same folder…
    Good job!

  3. i am having a problem.when i start xdelta(given with the patch of inazuma eleven 3 ogre) it says

    .net framework initialization error
    unable to find a run time to run this application and thats it

    what is most probably the problem.i have .net framework installed pleaseeeeeee tell the solution soooon

    • Kelly
    • November 20th, 2012

    I’ve patched the file bit when i click on my file it only says “file” it’s not an nds-file.. What did i do wrong? The game i patched it with was exactly 256mb

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • November 21st, 2012

      Make sure you add “.nds” at the end of the filename.

  4. FYI, I can patch and use v5 but not v6. It says that the patch was successful but I when I load it, it just stays at a white screen. I’ve tried different roms with the same result. I have an Acekard 2.1 with Akaio loader.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • July 30th, 2012

      Try using a clean rom with the most up-to-date AKAIO loaders. I test the patches on my Acekard 2i before uploading them.

      • Got it! I thought I updated fully but I was missing something 😐 Thanks for this! ❤

        • Parasol Lady
        • June 21st, 2013

        THANK YOU FOR THIS. I was seriously *this* close to tearing my hair out. I tried and tried different ROMs but it just wouldn’t get past that white screen! After hours of scourging the internet like a crazy person, I stumbled into your suggestion. I was pretty confident that my loaders were updated but I re-downloaded everything anyway and BAM! everything worked like a charm! AKAIO users, try this first. XD

    • ellen
    • July 4th, 2012

    So….how do I do this on my Mac? I am clueless, and stuff like this whacks me on the head for being so stupid. I downloaded the Multipatch, but not sure where to go from there.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • July 7th, 2012

      For “Location of patch file”, select the patch file.
      For “Location of File to patch” select the rom.
      For “Save patched file as” choose where you want to save your patched rom.


        • Ellen
        • July 7th, 2012

        When I do that, the bottom says “patch format not supported” and I can’t hit the apply patch. When I click on the creating a patch button in the corner, it says: “location of original file”, “location of modified file”, and “save patch file as”.
        Am I supposed to do that, or did I miss something? When I do try that, doing the exact same thing as the first three said, it doesn’t work but I can hit the “create patch” button this time.
        Please help

        • Phoenix Goddess
        • July 8th, 2012

        Creating a patch is just for if you personally are creating one, not for one that’s already there.
        Can you try this patcher: ?

        • ellen
        • July 8th, 2012

        um, I’m not sure if that will work either. when i put in the patch file and rom file into the different folders and click on the rom_patcher exc, it doesn’t actually do anything. i’m not sure if one of the files is wrong, but that one isn’t working for me either.
        supposedly another rom should appear in the rom file from the combined patch and original rom, but it didn’t show up for me.

        Is there anything else you can think of?

        • Phoenix Goddess
        • July 9th, 2012

        I don’t have a MAC and other than the two programs I’ve suggested, I can’t really be much help.
        Did you follow the exact instructions given in the DS Rom Patcher guide?

        • ellen
        • July 12th, 2012

        Yes, I did, so i tried downloading the patch again, see if it made a difference.
        When I downloaded a different one, it will allow me to press the “apply patch” button, but then says that the output CRC32 is invalid.
        any clue for that?

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • July 13th, 2012

      No, sorry. I recommend asking on gbatemp in the DS Rom Patcher for MacOS thread.

        • ellen
        • July 22nd, 2012

        i’m trying to find the english patch specifically made for mac (i think that was the problem before) but only finding cites for the pc version.
        any clue on where i can find it?

        • Phoenix Goddess
        • July 24th, 2012

        I don’t have a mac, so I’m not sure if I can make one for a mac.

    • Manu
    • June 20th, 2012

    Hi, I know that is a bit late but I can’t make the patch work.
    I already have try all xdelta application and they give me the same error ( xdelta3: not a VCDIFF input: XD3_invalid_input ) xdelta GUI give a “bad magic number:not a valid delta” error.
    The rom is 256 mb and my computer sistem is a Windows 7, I really don’t know what to do, can you help? 😦
    (I hope I find the right place to post this :))

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