Beta Testing Has Started

Beta testers can start testing now 🙂

Thank you and good luck!

What’s in the first patch:

  1. A – First Meeting
  2. B – The entire dating choices/locations/dating material
  3. C – Accidental Kiss
  4. D – CGs and Events
  5. E – After Shopping(I think, Inori would have to fix this if it’s wrong)
  6. F – School events/ After school/Cafe
  7. H – Club Activities
  8. J – Telephone(Calling for a date)
  9. N – Exams
  10. O – Sports Festival
  11. P – Culture Festival
  12. U – Presents from Girls
  13. X – Comments After Activities
  14. Z- Miscellaneous Conversations
  15. Text in Save/Load data(Not the graphics)
  16. Half of the Webdata
  17. Tutorials for sports/pillow fight/Valentine’s
  18. Title Screens
  19. Options(3/4ths)
  20. Clothes/Fashion
  21. Maps/Places
  22. Right Info(When you ask Yuu what a person thinks of you)
  23. Status Screen
  24. Input Screen
  25. Prologue

Note: Good news, the 2nd patch may not take that long, Inori’s only down to one folder of her part, I have… a kabillion -_-


One left

Thanks to Inori and FE helping out, the only thing left to do now is the rest of the Culture Festival script files.

These are the ones that aren’t completed yet:







I’ll cross each one from the list once I’m done with them, so you’ll know how much progress I have left.

Then it will be the beta release of the first patch.

Note: This will not be the complete patch, the complete patch will be the second one.

We’re going over files now and sending files to be inserted into the game.

I forgot to mention, skinships will not be a part of the 1st patch, but tutorials will. Due to the length of the skinships, it’s one less week you have to wait.

Two down

Inori completed the J folder and I completed the N folder. Yaaaay!

We were getting all excited yesterday after we saw how much script we have left after the first beta patch release.

The easy folders will be the only ones left! (Though the T folder will destroy her and the W folder will obliterate me)

By time the testers are done, we’ll probably be completely done XD

Which is good, thankfully, then we have to run the second beta and be done with this project.

Haha, to be honest, I’ll be a bit sad, this project was a very big deal to me and still a very big deal. I’m happy we managed to work together as a dynamic duo, who knew two translators would become really good friends, like this? I certainly didn’t, so this project taught and gave me more than I expected. We even managed to get some pretty cool beta testers, each of them brought something to the table. Personality. From different corners of the world, as well. It’s good to see a project bring so many people together.


After we’re done with the Culture and Sports festivals, Birthdays, Club activities,  and setting up the dates folders(of course along with the date choices), we’ll release the patch.

It may sound like a lot to do, but three of the folders mentioned have veeeeery few scripts in them and one of them will be very easy because it has repetitive responses. But we’re working as fast as we can and killing ourselves with hardly any breaks, so I hope you all don’t mind 🙂


Welcome to the group Gokusaishiki translation site! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

I won’t be asking for donations or anything so please don’t offer! A simply thank you will suffice alone.

Inori and I will be adding more to the site every now and then, so be sure to keep checking back!