V7 Beta Test

The beta testing for the second patch has officially started 🙂


So once they’re done and Inori and I have fixed all of the errors, we’ll release the final patch.


Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss Patch V1!

After half a year of making you wait, {gokusaishiki} are proud to announce that an English translation patch for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss (1st Patch) will be available for download! You should see a new page under the “TMGS2” section called “Downloads”. We’ve also added a “Credits” page in the same section to acknowledge all the people who made this possible.

Like the name suggests, this is only Version 1 of the patch. Things that are not translated in this patch, as mentioned on the dowload page are the following:

  • Some graphics
  • E-mails
  • Skinship
  • Field Trip files
  • New Year’s Shrine Visit files
  • Endings


Merry Christmas!

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone!!


Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season is in it’s final beta test run and after that we’ll be releasing the official patch. Again, this means it is not out yet. So can people please stop emailing me and PMing me on the forum about it T_T

As a Christmas gift to all of you from Inori and I, we added the R folder and an English save/load screen. The R folder contains the Christmas scripts. What better Christmas gift than English Christmas scripts for TMGS2! No, this does not mean we’re adding the New Year scripts for New Year’s Day. To us, Christmas is more important than New Year’s and that’s why we’re adding it.


Sure, the beta testers get their Christmas gifts early, but the fans get it too once the official patch is release :p





Update: Forum Back Up


The Gokusaishiki forum is now back up and on a better, more reliable web host. Be sure to check out http://www.vpn1euro.com/ if you’re looking for a trustworthy host.




Forum Down

Hey guys.

You might notice that when you try to access the forum, it directs you to a search site. The only reason for this to happen that I can think of is quite a nasty answer, so I`ll keep my speculations to myself for now. What happens to the forum depends on what`s happening with the host and a few other factors. The worst case scenario is that we lose all of our forum data and have to start over again. Remember, I can be outrageously pessimistic sometimes, so the worst case scenario is probably the absolute worst case scenario.

This of course means that beta testing is put on a hold now, which is fine by us, seeing as  Feenie and I are discussing when to release V6 of the patch to the testers (I guess it will be sometime this week).

In the meantime, you can still chat with the other members via the “gamer chat” link at the side.

Oh, while I`m at it, I have a reminder to people who are new to gokusaishiki. Please do not e-mail or PM either of us asking for the patch(es) for a game, to request a game translation, or to ask for links to a ROM.

Regarding the patches, if and when they are released, it will be announced on the blog, and a link will be put up on the blog. If you are confused when you hear people talking about a patch and you don`t see it on the blog, then we are most likely talking about a beta patch. If you don`t know what that is, then it`s clearly obvious that you`re not a beta tester, so what you can do in the meantime is wait.

Regarding translation requests, we currently are not accepting them. Games that people have “requested” are games that we already have on our list of things to come, so they would have been done either way.  Things will be done when they are done, so the least you could do it wait, instead of trying to push us to work faster. If you do e-mail us about this on a good day, it will be ignored. On a bad day, I`ll probably chew your head off for it. On a terrible day, I`ll do everything in my power to stop you from getting the translation. Nothing is more annoying than having someone e-mail me saying “Plz give me the link to the patch bcoz I dont see it. And can you translate 3rd story?”.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all of you!

V5 is up, but not here, somewhere else 🙂

As well as the new forum! You all wanted it, so you all got it 🙂


Anyhow, I wish you all a great Thanksgiving and day! Eat lots of turkey, get fat and then lose the weight by Christmas so you can have more room to eat! Have a nice day! 😀

More on Error Reporting

Please refrain from reporting errors in each folder until  V5 of the beta patch is up. Many of the errors reported will be fixed, as well as the errors that testers have yet to report. Only report errors if they are misc. or what the heroine says.

(I have deleted the original post to avoid confusion. All pertinent information in regards to error testing will be here. The main thing I wanted to add are these two points.

  • Please post the errors under the correct page. Correct meaning to who the error involves, not who you are testing. If you are testing a Saeki, but find a Shiba error, post it on Shiba`s page. If, however, you find another error in the same script, you can group those errors together. Example:

    Shiba: Who is thay person?
    Saeki: Noone important.

I understand that some of you don`t want to spam the blog with multiple comments, which is why you group all the errors you find together, but it actually makes it more difficult for us, since we have to weed through your error report to find what we`ve done incorrectly.

  • Please check to see if anyone else has already posted the same error you found.
  • Please mention which version of the patch you have.
  • Skinships are not translated. That means that when you initiate it (be it on a date, or during a CG), the heroine`s, and character’s response will be in Japanese.
  • Please use the report for, or something similar, as given by the guidelines
  • We will be editing peoples` error reports, putting a strike through the things we’ve corrected.
  • READ THIS NOTE: There are times when there aren`t full stops at the end of a sentence. We mean for things like (When the heroine is thinking something, which shows in brackets). You don`t have to report a lack of a full stop at the end of a single sentence, UNLESS it is followed by another sentence
  • (I think I’ll have some ice-cream today)

    This is fine. There`s no need to report it, with or without a full stop after the word ‘today’.

    (I think I’ll have some ice-cream today
    I`ll go buy some at the store)

    (I think I’ll have some ice-cream today I’ll go buy some at the store)

    Both of the above are not fine. There should be a full stop after the word ‘today’.

    V4 of the beta patch is up, yes, I do know about the error with Chris’s name on the exam sheet, please do not report it, I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. This patch is just to get passed the Amachi freeze, please do not report errors that others have already reported, thank you 🙂

    Please report errors with the evaluation window. I know for a fact that text overflows in that section, but no one’s reporting it(only two reports on it).

    Some things that appears to be questions, aren’t really questions. They don’t always end in a question mark because of the character. Like… “What do you think you’re doing.” it depends on the character and their tone of voice that will tell you whether or not they’re really asking a question. That and the Japanese scripts. So if you see something in the script like, “You’re joking, right.” think of the character and listen to their tone of voice, cause they may not really be asking, thus, no need for a question mark. We can tell because there won’t really be a question mark in the Japanese scripts, sometimes we simply forget, but please keep this in mind.


Good news

Beta testing is now up again, I’ve fixed some issues and now it plays on the Acekard 2i with Akaio 1.8.1, so I’m sure it’ll work with other flashcarts.

We’ve added five new folders to go along with the folders already in the 1st patch:

G – Girl Rivalries

I – Jobs

K – Birthdays

L – Valentine’s Day/White Day

M – Getting Sick

A fully translated Webdata

Beta patch up. If the patch doesn’t work for you, report it on the beta test page with your flashcart.