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Another TMGS3 Update!

Hey all!

Bringing you another quick update on our TMGS3 project!

I know there has been a release by jjjewel already on the TMGS3 DS patch, however, our version will be different from hers. The one released by {gokusaishiki} will have the naughty words and sentences that are already in the game, swears and perversion included.

And YES we are still chugging along! Our translations are at 99.81% as of right now! We still have to do text insertions and some beta testing before release but we are getting there! Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently for us and has stuck with us! You guys are just so AMAZING and you make us all warm and fuzzy and wiggly inside!

Come see us at the {gokusaishiki} Forums for some fun chats and more current updates!! We are happy to meet, talk, and fangirl with you!

All the best!


TMGS3 Update!

Hey everyone! I know there have been some followers who have been clamoring for updates on the TMGS3 patch. Don’t worry, we are still going strong! For our most up to date information, check the Gokusaishiki Translations Forums located here as most of the team are on the forums daily/weekly. The blog isn’t dead though so have no fear! It will be updated more periodically as we get into the later stages of the patch. On the main forum page will be our current percentage of complete translations that will be updated daily so please refrain from spamming the boards asking questions on our current progress. Although posts of encouragement and thanks is always welcome and we love seeing them. c:

Currently, as of this moment, we are at 87.94% done with translations. One of our main translators is currently moving however, so progress will be a bit slower the coming weeks. Yes, editing is going on at the same time as translations, but our team is pretty small and everyone is quite busy with their normal lives. However, please keep in mind that after the translations/editting are done, we still need time to test for bugs. We want to give fans the best English patch possible with no crashes/glitches so you can chase all the hot 2D men with ease and no pesky interruptions for all the blushing and nose bleeding that will occur. Thus, we can’t give any estimation on the date of completion for the patch. We will continue to update you on the forums and blog as much as we can. So please keep being patient! Thank you for your continuing support and understanding! 

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season Updated Patch

8/6/2011 update: There is an optional patch on the download page for those who wish to go for Hariya. It fixes the date choice glitch at the castle with him.

We stated before that we wouldn’t make a new patch unless it was for a game freeze or crash, but I managed to find a little time in my schedule to look over the files and noticed quite a few errors and the below are fixed/added.

  • Translated as many tutorial graphics as I could that wouldn’t glitch (Sports Festival, Valentine’s Day, and Pillow Fight).
  • Fixed the choice glitch that happens with Hikami.
  • Fixed the majority of grammar/spelling/other errors.
  • Retranslated a few scripts in each character’s files.

If you see an English error that we missed, our apologies, we fixed as many as we could find during thorough proofreading. We tried to make the Valentine Chocolate game a bit easier, but the best we could do was translate a few graphics.  If you experience any game freeze or crash, please let me know. Don’t forget to use the format under the FAQ page! This patch isn’t required to fully play the game, it’s just a cleaner patch to enjoy the game more.

You’ll find it on the download page. Thank you for all who helped make this possible! We hope you enjoy it!

We only provide a patch, not the rom. We cannot link you to roms. Sorry!


2011-10-15 EDIT: There’s text missing in the girl endings that was just reported. It’s the same text for all four girls. Until I find some time to make another patch(I’ve made one too many already), this will have to wait until BoB is done. We’re currently working on BoB and TMGS3 already as well as juggling school and work, so our schedule is already packed.
But here is the text that’s missing:

 The myth didn’t come
true, but I met
a good friend.
It was a good 3 years.


I think I will be
experiencing many
meetings and goodbyes
from now on too.


Still, we will remain
friends. I feel that
way. Surely… we will
be friends forever.

Small Update

We’re looking for four new testers. We can’t release the patch without all of the routes being fully tested. If anyone has a week or two of free time (Not a few days time) and wants to test, just make an account on the Gokusaishiki forum so you can start 🙂

You have to be fluent in English though, since this is the final release.


We don’t need anymore testers 🙂

Take care everyone!

What TMGS3’s first patch will include

For everyone wanting to know what will be in TMGS3’s first patch, you get to choose!We’re leaving it up to you all because well, we don’t want a repeat of the complaining that happened with TMGS2’s first patch. So you’ll get to choose what will be in TMGS3’s first patch! This way, you are all left satisfied and happy and we remain less stressed XD

But you can only choose at the forum, not here :<

V9 Beta Testing

We’ve just started beta testing V9. This is our final beta run before the official release.

It’s just a small update, but please be patient with us in the process. Since this is the last beta run, we’re going to take our time and correct as many errors as we can. There are three beta runs for V9, so once those three are over, we’ll release the official full patch.


Thank you,



V7 Beta Test

The beta testing for the second patch has officially started 🙂


So once they’re done and Inori and I have fixed all of the errors, we’ll release the final patch.