Another TMGS3 Update!

Hey all!

Bringing you another quick update on our TMGS3 project!

I know there has been a release by jjjewel already on the TMGS3 DS patch, however, our version will be different from hers. The one released by {gokusaishiki} will have the naughty words and sentences that are already in the game, swears and perversion included.

And YES we are still chugging along! Our translations are at 99.81% as of right now! We still have to do text insertions and some beta testing before release but we are getting there! Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently for us and has stuck with us! You guys are just so AMAZING and you make us all warm and fuzzy and wiggly inside!

Come see us at the {gokusaishiki} Forums for some fun chats and more current updates!! We are happy to meet, talk, and fangirl with you!

All the best!

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    • Laura
    • October 12th, 2015

    Hello dear all! I absolutelly would love to play Tokimeki 3 with the english patch, and I am trying to register in the Forum in order to be able to download the patch when it’s finished, but when I register a message says that I have to wait for a confirmation e-mail, but it never comes 😦 and I don’t know what’s the problem.
    I would like to know it, if someone from the forum could tell me and send me the e-mail…. I would be ralle thankfull.

    I can’t wait for that 0’2% and almost everday I check the update, you are doing a great work, thank you very much.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • October 18th, 2015

      I’ll be sure to look into it! Can you tell me what user you are trying to register as?

        • Laura
        • October 18th, 2015

        Thank you so much, you are very nice 😀 My user is “xikitinalau”.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • October 21st, 2015

      Hmm… I can’t seem to find you. Could you try to re-register or send me your email?

        • Laura
        • October 22nd, 2015

        Ok, I will try agaicn. In case you don’t find it, my email is:
        Sorry for all the bothering :/

        • Phoenix Goddess
        • October 23rd, 2015

        It’s no problem! I’m sorry that it isn’t working for you and is taking so long!

  1. Great news! Thanks for the amazing work! It’s so sooo close ahhh ^^ I feel like I’m going to play it non-stop when it’s going to come out x)

    I wish I could do something to show you I really apreciate everything you have done but I can at least say a big thank you to all of you once again.

    Have a really nice week ♥

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • September 16th, 2015

      Thank you so much! Your words of thanks is all we need! Really, it makes us happy to read such stuff! I hope you have a great week/month/year!

  2. funny enough my brother and I were talking about this the other day, He kept suggesting I give up on you guys, but I refused and lo and behold an update!
    Seriously though thanks for all of your hard work <3. You guys are amazing.

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • September 16th, 2015

      Aww thanks for fighting for us! Yep we are still going! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I’m so happy to read this! ^u^ Thanks for all the hard work!

    I knew there was a patch, but I’m waiting for yours because I want to play with the original sentences and such, plus thanks to you I could play TMGS1&2 and I’m very thankful for your job, so I don’t mind waiting some more ^^

    Thanks again!
    Have a very nice day! ♪

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • August 22nd, 2015

      Aww Thank you! We actually didn’t work on TMGS1 but we are still super glad you enjoyed both 1 and 2! Thank you for the sweet words! 🙂

      • No? I was convinced you did! Such a fail! XD If not, someone in your forum helped out with finding it so… yeah *awkward* XD

    • Nina
    • August 20th, 2015

    I got the email notification for this post on my 20th birthday! What a nice surprise. I have been following your progress since 1-2 years ago and have actually got your forum link pinned onto my favorites. So exciting to see this actually happening and get so close to completion! Congrats, guys! I’m so excited and please know that all your work is indeed greatly appreciated!

      • Phoenix Goddess
      • August 22nd, 2015

      Thank you so much! 🙂 Happy Birthday!! I hope it was great!

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