Update: Forum Back Up


The Gokusaishiki forum is now back up and on a better, more reliable web host. Be sure to check out http://www.vpn1euro.com/ if you’re looking for a trustworthy host.




Forum Down

Hey guys.

You might notice that when you try to access the forum, it directs you to a search site. The only reason for this to happen that I can think of is quite a nasty answer, so I`ll keep my speculations to myself for now. What happens to the forum depends on what`s happening with the host and a few other factors. The worst case scenario is that we lose all of our forum data and have to start over again. Remember, I can be outrageously pessimistic sometimes, so the worst case scenario is probably the absolute worst case scenario.

This of course means that beta testing is put on a hold now, which is fine by us, seeing as  Feenie and I are discussing when to release V6 of the patch to the testers (I guess it will be sometime this week).

In the meantime, you can still chat with the other members via the “gamer chat” link at the side.

Oh, while I`m at it, I have a reminder to people who are new to gokusaishiki. Please do not e-mail or PM either of us asking for the patch(es) for a game, to request a game translation, or to ask for links to a ROM.

Regarding the patches, if and when they are released, it will be announced on the blog, and a link will be put up on the blog. If you are confused when you hear people talking about a patch and you don`t see it on the blog, then we are most likely talking about a beta patch. If you don`t know what that is, then it`s clearly obvious that you`re not a beta tester, so what you can do in the meantime is wait.

Regarding translation requests, we currently are not accepting them. Games that people have “requested” are games that we already have on our list of things to come, so they would have been done either way.  Things will be done when they are done, so the least you could do it wait, instead of trying to push us to work faster. If you do e-mail us about this on a good day, it will be ignored. On a bad day, I`ll probably chew your head off for it. On a terrible day, I`ll do everything in my power to stop you from getting the translation. Nothing is more annoying than having someone e-mail me saying “Plz give me the link to the patch bcoz I dont see it. And can you translate 3rd story?”.

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    • Yu-I
    • January 2nd, 2011

    Its back!!! Hooray!!! u guys are SO cool!

    • Ioukta
    • December 30th, 2010

    Good luck you guys, don’t lose your sanity over this, i’ll keep an eye on here see how you’re managing forum wise and add my reports when i have them on here.
    If you need donations don’t hesitate. If you want it done quietly no hassle of asking everybody, i’m probably the oldest and the one probably with the most disposable income (Hopefully !lol!) I can take care of it no strings attached, just let me know.


  1. http://www.vpn1euro.com/products/phpBB-Forum-Package.html

    The package would be $15.87 for 1GB of storage space (Which is a buttload) and a whole year and it’s hosted by the head admin of GBATemp. The above is to a phpBB forum package, but he said if we needed SMF(Which is what the forum was) he’d add it.

    Unfortunately, it’s something I’ll need to talk to Inori about since it involves money.
    Fortunately, we’d be his first customer for the package, so the forum would never go down.

    Byethost is a greedy host and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. As I said, 3 out of 9 re-activations? Either they can’t count or they really want the money.

    • I’d be happy to contribute some money towards this. 🙂 A whole year sounds pretty good.

      • A whole year would suit us well for the amount of translations we’re planning.

        I really don’t agree with donations, at all. But if Inori and I can’t come up with a solution, we will have to. However, only the amount it costs for the year. After that’s paid, we will NOT accept any donations.

        Again, this is only after we discuss it.

        Beta testers: The beta pages are up. If you have saves to post, send them to me via email. My email is on the contact page. The password is the same one you used to retrieve the beta patch.

        • lillsweetty
        • December 30th, 2010

        I’m also letting you know I’d be willing to contribute some.

        That does sound like a good deal from a reliable host.

        Byehost’s behavior is ridiculous. Keep fighting, guys!

      • No, that’s okay 🙂

        We’ve got it figured out.

    • I know that you don’t like to take money, but be assured that THAT should never cause any proplems! If we can help you by donating we will gladly do so! And after all it’s NOT like you guys would ask us: Send us money so we can pay our bills or buy new games, pay us for translating! All of us like the forum, that’s what I guess, and we love to post there — if the money is needed for this it’s something totally diferent.

      • Don’t make me hurt you >_>

      • Don’t hurt me for being a selfish one, PG! >_<°! I just can't stand everyday life without my daily dose of gokusaishiki at the moment!

        I really missed the forum and I am so glad it's back now!

      • Haha, indeed it is ^_^

  2. Phoenix and Inori,

    If you’re interest, I have a web site, I paid for it for a whole year and I ain’t using half of my space / bandwich whatever related to.

    I can give you a sub domain with the access you want, just email me if you’re interest~

      • Yu-I
      • December 30th, 2010

      awwwww the forum aint working for me anymore X( annoying “this website is blocked” notice!!!

    • MandaDew
    • December 29th, 2010

    so sadden by the creepy redirect.
    total bullshit >_<
    most lovely site and non lovely host.
    I'm gonna go all back-alley on this host,
    OH YEAH,
    five-o-clock news, here I come!

    • Suji
    • December 29th, 2010

    I noticed the redirection today to an XLSearch thing. o___o

    I hope this doesn’t keep happening. ;__; That would SUCK.

      • Nih
      • December 29th, 2010

      Didn’t they switch hosts just recently?
      How bothersome. >.<

    • I think it’ll keep happening as long as people visit gokusaishiki. We`re still looking for a forum host that won`t crap out on us like this. The only thing that comes to my mind is invisionfree.

      And Nih; I have no idea what you`re on about.

        • Suji
        • December 29th, 2010

        Dang, that sucks. >< Good luck!

        • Nih
        • December 29th, 2010

        I don’t understand. Are you still with the same host as you were in the beginning?
        I don’t know why but I had the senseless idea that you had already found
        a different host.

        Is InvisionFree by the same company as IPB (Invision Power Board?)
        The company behind IPB is very reliable.

        Have you thought of ProBoards or Zetaboards? They provide free forum hosting.

        Go to Web Hosting Talk if you haven’t yet. You will be able to find more
        information and reviews of free forum hosts there.


        (I know I sound very nerdy now but my brother worked as a
        computer network technician for a few years.)

    • Rin
    • December 22nd, 2010

    Just wanted to drop by and say Happy Holidays! Really looking forward to TMGS2! But also just wanted to say that I really appreciate and love all the work that translators, beta testers and so forth put into projects like this.

    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season ^0^!


    • Mandy
    • December 16th, 2010

    I hope you find a lovely host for all your lovely work!
    You are so deserving of such.(:

    happy holidays!

    • Hikki
    • December 13th, 2010

    I would suggest moving to zetaboards or invision free ~ XDD
    I’ve been using zetaboards as my forum for other things *cough* for 3 years now, and it`s never had a crash (not that I know of)
    But I’m probably just jinxing it. Because the is 100% true–> everytime I say that I never had to deal with _______, or ________ has never happened to me. It always happens just to spite me. Like one time, I was saying “Ohh! I haven’t lost my eraser yet, I usually lose erasers really quickly” and I lost my eraser later that day. T____________T
    (I went totally off topic but ehh ~ )

    • Well, I’m looking for a webhost that will let me move my forum over to their server, because I’m not going through this process for a third time (Creating a whole new forum when I have everything backed up already) X_X

  3. Oww, what a disaster!! I just discovered this site but aww >__<
    I hope everything will be fine.

    Thank you all for your work!! ^^

    • Bethany
    • December 13th, 2010

    I had the exactly same BS happen with a host for a forum once. I can’t remember their name, but I’m almost positive they were resellers of Byetnet or whatever. I mean, unless someone is DDOSing the forum, there is no way enough traffic for you to be slowing everyone else down. u_u This host I had wouldn’t let me access the old data (and as it was a rp site, I really needed to) without me having to sign up for a VPS server for a month or so. And they couldn’t even guarantee the data hadn’t already been harmed. Ughhh. Some hosts are so unprofessional. I switched after that.xD

    • Yeah, some guy is having a problem with that. Some ex-admin said something to the effect of “If you were going to make your site popular, you should have signed up for a VPS server in the first place”.

      We`re seriously considering switching hosts.

  4. The forum was down and suspended because apparently, it was growing so big that we caused lags for other people using the same server XD

    Don’t worry, it’s back up now and I have backups of the forum should this ever happen again.


    probably the most hilarious argument I’ve seen in ages.

    • Jessica
    • December 12th, 2010

    i don’t know why people are being so impatient about the release of the patch. it’s something that you all decided to do out of the kindness of your hearts in your spare time. People shouldn’t expect you to live and breathe the game you all have lives like everyone else. I thank you for your dedication and patience when it comes to translating this game and I’m sure whenever it may be released it will be super fun!

    • Rafina
    • December 12th, 2010

    And here I was jamming on testing Saeki. XD *headchop!*

    Well, I hope everything goes good for you guys. Maybe you could take this time to get a little rest? You guys sure deserve it.

    • Mme.Aloria
    • December 12th, 2010

    Ah, I’m glad that wasn’t just me…but sad that it wasn’t just me. Boo on them for messing with our experience. I was actually on the forum when it started acting up, and was like…wtf? I thought I’d killed the work computer. I was in the middle of searching for error duplicates from my folder, too. Here’s to hoping we get everything back!

    • lillsweetty
    • December 12th, 2010

    Indeed, it is quite shady. Maybe moving would be a good choice. Maybe even paid hosting, since that would be most stable. I would gladly chip in some money, if so.

    I find it lonely without the forum too, but since finals is next week I wouldn’t have gone much anyway. I do hope the data’s not all lost though. 😦 Let’s hope for the best.

    Phoenix & Inori at this point should have a written out rant form for each complaint (where’s the patch? ROM? when are you guys gonna be DOOONE? Do this game!). Ya’ll just fill the name and send it off. xD

  5. kan u plz gib me teh link 2 da pach??? i dun c it on da site??? also wen r u gunna trnslate 3rd stry?????


    guuuuh thought something was wrong with my computer for a sec like “GAAAH I HAS VIRUS?? Y U REDIRECTUNNNNN??????” hopefully everything will work out :C

    • *Busts out laughing*

      • y r u makaing funn ov me?????/ i ased u a sersias qestun?????/

      • And the sad part is… That’s exactly how they all talk XD

    • plz 2 not b asking 4 pach.

      can u trnslate 3rd story 4 me? plzzzzzzz

        • Bethany
        • December 13th, 2010

        yeh n wen u be dun wiv da rest ov ur list im hoping 2 play dem b4 christmas ur kind ov slo ok. if i nu jpeneeze i wuld b fster.

      • cigspiring
      • December 13th, 2010

      Herp derp.

  6. Whew. That’s really some bad news, I hope that it gets fixed soon since I kinda sorta feel lonely without the forum. Seeing that I spam the refresh button waaay too much when I’m on the forum, I suppose it can’t be helped XD.

  7. Hi,

    I hope you will be able to retrieve soon the forum. Your new layout was so nice and I liked to see it getting lively ^^

    If you need any help please tell me, I can host for you a forum.

    • Áine
    • December 12th, 2010

    Hoo, boy, what a Christmas present!

    In all seriousness, this forum thing is startlingly fishy. Other people on byethost have had the same issue many, many times (judging by a quick search on various support fora), not to mention the fact that the site appears to own that creepy search engine. I’m not trying to play mod, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad starting over on a hosting site with a few less virus-lookalikes.

    At any rate, I hope the site can be safely recovered. Despite my lurkerish status, I was really enjoying things around there. As far as I can see, the thing doesn’t actually wipe out the hosted site? It’s just a massive redirect attached to every single page. So… tentative optimism?

    • finalequinox
    • December 12th, 2010

    Woah, due to the fact that phoenix been humping her bunny rabbit!
    Now, that’s some action!

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